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360 Money Matters

Sep 20, 2022

Welcome back to another episode of the 360 Money Matter Podcast! In the previous episode, we gave you updates on the investment market and the factors affecting it. 

In this episode, we’ll be sharing proven strategies to help you develop your cash flow management and budget strategy skills. It all begins with being realistic about your financial situation and expectations. From there, you’ll be able to clearly see your income and expenses and reflect on how you can improve the way you handle your finances. We will talk about strategies such as setting a realistic budget, the bucketing strategy, reviewing and improving your structures and many more. These are all to help you become more confident with your money management. 

This podcast contains information that is general in nature. It does not take into account the objectives, financial situation, or needs of any particular person. You need to consider your financial situation and needs before making any decisions based on this information. This information is provided by Billy Amiridis &  Andrew Nicolaou of 360 Financial Strategists Pty Ltd, authorized representatives and credit representatives of AMP Financial Planning – AFSL 232706


Episode Highlights:

  • The factors affecting the increase in cost of living
  • The gateway to wealth creation
  • Setting a realistic budget
  • The bucketing strategy 
  • 2 Key buckets that you should have in your cash flow strategy 
  • Keeping your expenditure in line with your income increase
  • How often you should review your structure
  • Becoming more confident with your money management 
  • Things to do to help maximize your budget and cash flow
  • Budget Fatigue
  • Separate Savings account
  • Finding the balance between budgeting and living


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